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Lifelong Weight Management

I am on a mission to help people escape the misery of being stuck in the diet trap. My 'Diet Another Day' programme teaches you how to get it off and keep it off for life. It is only through the right education that this is possible.

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I have been fortunate enough to have written 14 books on the subject of Nutrition. From general beginners guides to eating well, through to specific titles on how to manage disease with diet, Ive got you covered.

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Really this is where the rubber hits the road. You can be armed with all the information in the World, but if there is no practical guidance as to how to actually make significant change, then good intentions are harder to stick to.

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It is my mission to provide the highest standard of Nutrition Education that I can. Giving you clear information, tips, tricks, hints and hacks to make eating well and staying healthy both a joy and a breeze.

Online Programmes & Training

My online programmes have been designed to help you achieve a better state of health, manage weight in a sustainable and healthy way, or get continuing education in the fascinating science of Nutrition.

Whether you are wanting to turn your health around and engage in your own healthcare, or get a deeper working understanding of Nutrition and how it affects the body, my programmes have you covered.

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The Medicinal Chef's Nutrition Nuggets. Every week I answer one of your questions and bring you clarity on nutrition. It is a chance for us to explore different subjects in thi sfascinating field and get your questions answered!

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YouTube Channel

My new YouTube Channel is fresh for 2019. Short, punchy styledd videos coming at you every week. Each week I cover a different topic around Nutrition, with a big focus on frequently asked questions and areas of misunderstanding.

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