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  • Live, interactive, high level nutrition teaching delivered to you every single month. I will be your personal Nutrition Tutor.
  • No more contradiction, conflicting advice, and confusion. The reliable resource for further developing your nutritional knowledge. Classes are taught from the current evidence base, not opinion or fad.
  • Gain a true understanding of the subject through sessions that are taught at a very deep level, but in a way that people from all backgrounds can grasp and utilise.
  • Every month the recorded sessions are added to your private members area so you have access to a library of hours and hours of in depth teaching.
  • Exclusive member benefits you wont find ANYWHERE else, from exclusive access to the World's leaders in the field, to freebies, discounts and VIP experiences.

A Seamless Online Teaching Platform That Works Anywhere on Any Device

No matter where or when you use Nutrition Coaching monthly, the platform works seamlessly.

The Nutrition Coaching Monthly platform is designed to work like a charm on any device - desk top, tablet, mobile. You can take your learning anywhere and fit it around your lifestyle and your schedule.

Member Testimonial - Rachel Bryan, Founder & Creative Director, FitBop Dance Fitness

Im SO glad I signed up for Nutrition Coaching Monthly.

After completing my Higher Diploma in Nutritional Medicine back in 2012, my knowledge had become quite rusty. I knew I didn’t want to go back to scratch and enrol on another expensive (and often quite dry) nutrition course. As a mum of 2 children under 5 years old and a fitness brand owner, Nutrition Coaching Monthly fits in perfectly with my busy lifestyle. Dale’s delivery is such a breath of fresh air too, as he is so engaging and makes everything so easy to understand. Even if you have no background whatsoever in nutrition, this course is a perfect (and affordable) way to study. I love it!


Just £12.50 per Month

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Two Live Sessions Every Month

  • Live sessions each month include 1 live structured taught class, and a second live session that is either an open forum Q&A with me, or an exclusive live interview and interactive Q&A with one of the industry leaders.
  • Sessions are fully interactive. It is a live class so you can ask me questions as we go along at any stage, and also get to know your fellow community members. The interaction in our sessions is one of the most special parts of all this. We have a wonderful community.

Member Testimonial - Mary Beckett, Canada

I highly recommend this membership to anyone.

I have been really impressed with the level of information provided on the Nutrition Coaching Monthly membership site! I watched the introductory video on cholesterol just after I had decided I would not sign up for one more thing this year... and then I signed up, because the quality of the information and the level of detail is exactly what I always wanted to find. I like to take responsibility for my own health as much as possible, and it is much easier to do this from a position of knowledge, which Dale provides in an no-nonsense, understandable format. The Q&A sessions provide an opportunity to ask questions about real life situations and get practical answers you can apply today.
I highly recommend this membership for anyone that is interested in being pro-active about their health. The value is tremendous! I also really recommend following his other social media posts - great information in small bites!
Mary Beckett

Just £12.50 per Month


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