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Nutrition Coaching Monthly is your monthly Nutrition School. Every month you receive very detailed high level yet accessible training in Nutrition on an interactive platform. This is like a real time classroom, but in the comfort of your own home. Ask me questions during the class, join the student community, and take your knowledge of nutrition to a much deeper level.

Your live classroom sessions are then stored every month into a growing teaching library, accessible any time. Month after month this teaching archive grows.

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Diet Another Day - The Plan that changes lives. For too long I have seen too many people trying to manage their weight and live a life of calorie counting, points measuring, or counting 'syns'. The sad thing is they never achieve the lasting weight loss and good health they desire.

Here I get you back to basics, teach you how your body actually works and how the food you eat interacts with this, and the science and complexities behind how our body weight is regulated. Master this and weight management will be lasting, health will improve, and you will be out of the restrictive trap forever. This programme has changed hundreds of lives and a thriving community is forming.

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