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The Medicinal Chef’s Recipe Club

Take The Guess Work Out of Healthy Eating - Let Me Take Over!

How has Healthy Eating suddenly become such a stress in our lives? We know we all need to make healthy choices, but the information overload has left so many of us feeling completely overwhelmed and led to us constantly second guessing ourselves.

How about handing the reigns over to a Nutritionist with 26 years in the game. Let ME take over!

Here's What You Get!

Recipe Club menu fan

A new batch of recipes every week - and your shopping list done!

Let me take charge of planning your weekday evening meals for you. The recipes in the recipe club are designed to support the health of every body system, so from Monday to Friday, you support the health of the Brain, the Heart, the Immune system etc. Everything covered!

Each week you get a new set of 5 recipes, for you to cook and create for your evening meal. These aren't weird 'health trend' recipes with biodynamic algae and Wonga Wonga berries! No, these are family favourites like curries, burgers, pasta dishes and the like. The kind of food you will LOVE to eat, which just happens to do your health the World of good at the same time! Built around sound, evidence based nutritional principles.

You also get a pre made shopping list done for you. Just save it to your phone or print it out and take it shopping with you. No having to trawl through recipes and write a list out. Life is busy enough. I've done it for you!!

FREE Bonus Mini Course

Also included is a FREE mini course to teach you the foundations of healthy eating that can help you make the right choices for life!

Learn the nutritional foundations of taking care of the heart, the skin, the immune system, the bones, the digestive system and so on.


Join The Club For Just £1.25 a Week!

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